House Approves Ownbey Foster Care Bill

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation authored by state Rep. Pat Ownbey and approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives would give foster care parents more of a voice in a review hearing of a deprived child case.

House Bill 1079 would allow attorneys representing foster care providers to file a report with the court for presentation at the review hearing.

“A complaint I heard from several constituents who are involved in foster care, is that they are not consulted in some of these cases, even when they have pertinent information,” said Ownbey, R-Ardmore. “This seemed like a matter of oversight that could easily be fixed, so my legislation creates a better process by which their information could be shared with the court.”

The legislation was approved unanimously, 96-0, on the House floor. It now proceeds to the Senate where it awaits consideration.

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